Jumbled Heart

My church is not a building. My church is the community of Christians that I am fortunate enough to surround myself with.

As Christians we should do nothing but love. Not only unbelievers, but each other. We should affirm good actions, acknowledge good hearts, act on convictions, and be gentle in our reminders. We should never judge. We should never accuse. We should never make another feel undeserving of love.

Today, I am completely filled with joy. As Christians, we should stop using the word “happy” and “happiness.” Instead, we should use joy. Joy is a fruit of the spirit, not happiness. Happiness is from the world, joy is from God. Joy is eternal and lasting. Happiness runs out. By following Christ, we receive joy that then overflows from our hearts, allowing us to spread God’s greatness all around us.

A year ago I was desperately praying for a best friend in Auburn. Today, I have two. Two lovely women of Christ who know my heart, know my fears, support my dreams, support my passions. Together, we seek God together and live to follow Christ whole-heartedly. Sometimes, we absolutely fail. We fall into temptation. We gossip. But by recognizing this, we are continuously getting better. We are getting stronger. And THIS is what God calls us to do. We can not be perfect, but with the goal in mind to be as Christ-like as possible, we are following God’s will for us.

Pray faithfully, believing that God will answer you. However, don’t be blind and miss His answer. Keep your eyes and heart open to however God might answer your prayer. Believe. This is His command.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” –Romans 12:12


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