No water for me.


(This post is honest. This post is from my heart. Criticize it, love it, hate it, read it, don’t. Whatever you do or don’t do, at least be open to it.)

I think the future generation is stuck between who to follow: the current generation, or the “old” days, the great generation. The current generation has tried so hard to empower women, to turn young people into leaders, to dream big. However, as the current generation slowly turns into the new generation, my generation, we look upon the current leaders and see how crazy their lives are. We appreciate them and all that they have achieved, but at the same time we want to learn from them. We want to “have it all”, not all of the world but all of what life can offer. We are aware.

My generation, the future generation, has often been told that we were born in the wrong generation. We have seen and heard it all. And now we must choose which generation gets to set the foundation for ours. And personally, I think we want to incorporate a little bit of each one. We want lasting marriages and strong, loving families–despite what social media and society think we want. We have realized the importance of traveling the world, of experiencing new cultures, people, and traditions. We are the first generation who is NOT AFRAID to explore the depths of our hearts. We are not afraid to go after our God-given abilities. We are more aware of what needs to be done in this world than ever before. We are multi-passionate, direction-filled young adults who don’t want to follow any generation that has gone before us, but instead incorporate their failures and successes to develop the most strong-willed group the world has ever seen. We are not afraid to be different. We are not afraid of the unknown, but instead embrace it as a challenge. We are connected to each other by our common awareness of global issues, as well as the need that surrounds us in our own communities.

In the past, there was the “water” that infiltrated college campuses, leading us students to believe that if we did not graduate in 4 years with a fiancé who has a promising career, a grad school acceptance letter for the other half, and anything less than a 3.5, then we were failures. This notion is well-known. However, what’s new is that as passionate students, we are not so concerned about our physical appearance, who we hang out with, money, or our relationship status. Yes, we know that in order to survive, we must have money, and in order to be taken seriously, we must brush our hair every once in a while…BUT, we finally “get” it. We finally understand that none of that STUFF defines us. They are materialistic and they can lead to a shallow, apathetic heart if we put our personal value and worth into them. This is why we must treasure the things that no one can take away from us. Such as our character, and our deep-rooted morals.

This is the true heart of the future generation. And no matter how many blogs come out about what to do when you’re 25, or when you’re single and 30, we will have known the truth all along. The truth that we are not quitters, followers, passionless, directionless students who need to be told what to do. WE KNOW what to do because we have explored our hearts, are gradually seeking and finding the answers to our numerous, complex questions, and we are going for our dreams no matter what society might say about them.

If you have dreamed about being a cute mom to 6 kids, then I praise you, might envy you a little bit, and completely support you. The world needs more moms like you. If you dream of being the CEO of a large firm or starting your own non-profit that will benefit a cause bigger than your lovely self, GO FOR IT and never give up. I completely believe that God has given us these passions and dreams of “ours” so that He can achieve something bigger than our imaginations can ever fathom. This is why we must not only dream big, but why we must actually GO for our dreams. And never give up. We only get this one, beautiful life–how will you live yours?


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