Let’s GIVE.

When flying back in to Atlanta from Honduras, I noticed how I was seriously lacking excitement. I didn’t have this sense of home anymore. I was immediately ready to get on another plane and head back to Latin America.

Honduras was my third trip to Latin America. Once again, I found myself loving the simplicity of their culture, the beauty of their homeland, and the joy from their hearts. So for a third time, I gave a piece of my heart away…except this time it was a good chunk.

I arrived in Honduras with 11 others, including 4 of my family members. Later, 6 others from my church joined us. Immediately, I fell in love with the children, all of whom were the product of rape. I FELL HARD. These children were absolutely beautiful…I wanted to adopt them all. They completely captivated my heart.

My last night there, the men from my team served the women. This included the women from the team, the staff of the compound, and the girls who had been rescued. To start it off, my dad gave a speech. He explained to the girls that men are supposed to serve women—that men are supposed to love women as Christ loves His beautiful Bride. I couldn’t contain my emotions. For the first time in their lives, the two girls who had been rescued were served by men. Not raped. Not abused. Not threatened. But served–showing them one of the most beautiful and wonderful ways a man can love a woman. God hit me hard with the realization that although these girls had never been served by men, they had still found a way to love God fearlessly.

Throughout the night, I kept coming back to this moment. To the moment when I saw the tears in my dad’s eyes as he was explaining the night to the girls, explaining why it is a man’s role to serve a woman—oh, how he is so good at loving people. Oh, how lucky I am that he is my dad…a dad that has always loved me despite my stubborn, sassy ways. A dad that knows when a letter expressing his love for me is more beneficial than any conversation. A dad that is never too proud to apologize. A dad that constantly improves the way we communicate with each other. A dad that has always had the desire to not only love me to the absolute best of his ability, but to constantly show me Christ.

Throughout the dinner as I kept remembering how the girls’ uncles and fathers had raped them, impregnated them, and threatened to kill them, I realized how badly I wanted to GIVE these girls my dad–these beautiful girls who deserved to be served and loved by a father like mine. And through this it hit me. That is exactly our purpose as daughters and sons of Christ. We should have the desire to GIVE our Dad to all. Because we are ALL broken in some way. We ALL need Him because He is the only one that can love us in His indescribable, perfect, glorious way. And by having the desire to give God to all, we can begin to truly see people as broken yet beautiful. We can realize the desperate need of this world. And once we realize the need, we can truly become passionate in giving. In serving. In loving. In showing the brokenhearted the power of God’s grace. What a beautiful purpose we have in this life. Thank you Honduras. Thank you Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Let’s GIVE.

  1. Loca Gringa says:

    This article is very moving. Wanting to share your father evolving into sharing the holy father … a lot of food for thought. You have a good heart and clearly it is genetic. Thank you for sharing your story.

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