Diamonds in the [real] rough.

As a freshman, I wanted to be special and unique, yet I wanted to fit in and belong. I wanted to make a difference on my campus and in my community, but somehow hated every attempt I made. I hated pleasing people, yet I deeply craved to be known. I wanted to do things for me, yet I said yes to things I despised. I found a church, but I was just a number. I realized how many pretty girls there are at college, and how I didn’t feel like one. I wanted a man, but I kept finding boys. I struggled daily with trying to find my purpose.

BUT. Gradually, I stopped researching med schools every single day. God delivered best friends. I changed my major five times. I found my passion. I [re]discovered my sass. I SLOWLY learned how to trust Jesus again, the Jesus I thought I knew in high school. I found a church who needed me, too. My heart learned how to choose what to invest in. I went on [way too many] dates, but figured out what I wanted. I BECAME ENOUGH. And I learned A LOT…


-Find a church where people care that you are there. Although GOING to church is about you and Jesus, being a PART of the church is about you and the people who will remind you of the Truth when you [purposely] forget where your Bible is. They will teach you about GRACE. Don’t graduate college without it.

-You will become involved in [way too many] things, often because you want to please others. This is important. But STOP RIGHT NOW. Being there will allow you to appreciate the beauty in choosing things for yourself– it is empowering and an important part of achieving growth.

-You will eat A.cookies, cream, C.cake, or D. all of the above for dinner. Either because you ran out of groceries, or because your day sucked. Sometimes both. Regardless, own it.

-Don’t let anyone speak lies concerning your level of worth. SGA is [always] political and sororities haven’t seen your beautiful heart. KEEP. GOING. Find where you are truly needed. This will give you purpose.

-There will be weeks where you honestly don’t think you will make it through. However, somehow, you always will. Don’t give up on the hard days. Day. By. Day.

-Learn how to be intentional. College can feel like the busiest time of your life. However, without friends you won’t make it through.

-Don’t let med school own you from day 1. YOU HAVE TIME. Don’t believe the jerks [and advisors] who make you feel like you aren’t smart enough. But figure out WHY it is your dream — you don’t have anything to prove to anybody. If you’re going to do it, do it for yourself.

-The Devil’s favorite game is that of comparison, and it’s addicting. Don’t play with him. He isn’t very nice.

-Stop criticizing other people. You already have WAY too many problems of your own. Practice loving them instead. (See: Grace)

-Depression and anxiety are real. Unfortunately you will probably graduate knowing at least one person who commits suicide. It will be one of the hardest things you go through, but it will teach you a lot about love, forgiveness, and honesty. NEVER believe that you are alone.

-Make time for adventures. Drive to the beach and back in one day. Go to concerts on school nights. Remind yourself of how free you are in this stage of your life. It will allow you to live a little harder.

-Keep finding God. In the small things, on the bad days. Thank him for both. Remember that His silence doesn’t equal His absence.

-Love yourself. You are stronger than you think and college will prove this to you. Remind yourself of how courageous you are. 


I almost didn’t go to college. I was going to do missions and see where that took me. But God kept shutting doors and I ended up at college. It broke me, but empowered me. I learned how to take pride in growth. I learned how to fight. For me, and for others. I learned that it doesn’t always get better in the morning, but that it’s all still worth it. Embrace it and LET IT CHANGE YOU. Allow Jesus to use you. This is when you will find your purpose.


Shake the lies and kick butt. Your soul is made of diamonds.


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